NEDIS JAM-460281 R/C RideOn Motorfiets BMW S1000RR Blauw


  • €274.99
Inclusief BTW.

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Authentic motorbike feeling for the little ones with the Ride On BMW Motorbike from Jamara. The Ride On motorcycle has detachable support wheels and as soon as the little ones have practiced a little, they can take off like a real motorcycle and learn to keep their balance. In order to get as close to the big and powerful original as possible, the BMW was equipped with a powerful drive motor, an equally powerful driving battery for a long driving time, LED headlights, an accelerator pedal and a brake. The engine is started with the ignition key and the original engine sound. Let?s go for a spin with the BMW S1000RR, for the professionals in the turbo function.


• 2-speed (slow, fast)
• Horn and motor noise at startup
• Powerful drive motor
• Powerful battery for long drive time
• Key
• LED headlight
• Gas pedal
• Support wheels removable
• Turbo function
• Side stand

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